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Maxwell Dickson is a leading Giclee reproduction canvas art printing company in the US.  We don’t only print on high quality archival canvas, we also print on fine art paper and photo paper.  We have customers in all of the major US cities that we print giclee reproductions artwork for on a regular basis. The quality of our canvas art prints can be displayed elegantly at your home or office and has the same quality seen at museums in Los Angeles, New York City, London England and Paris.  We create exact canvas or giclee fine art reproduction using state-of-the-art printers and other high end digital equipment. If you are looking for us to create a high quality giclee on canvas of a Van Gogh art piece, Monet, Cezanne, Rembrandt or Monet, you have come to the right place.

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The word giclee came from the French which means to spray liquid or ink drops which was coined back in the days when the famous printmaker Jack Duganne uses it. But the word giclee means something slightly different today as the terminology has evolved to explain the process of modern printmaking technology. All giclee reproductions are derived from large or high resolution photo or digital scanners. We only use archival inks to print giclee on canvas and other printable materials such as fine art paper and photo paper. We consistently achieve good color accuracy that other companies in the art reproduction business. We create our prints using a 12 color inkjet printer which produces the most vivid and accurate colors and details from photos. Many artist and photographers can take advantage of the fact that they can now mass produce their artwork and photographs or just have us print them on demand.  We pretty much have tried all of the wide format printers on the market from Canon, Epson, Mimaki, HP and others. There is not much difference between the printers as they are graphic arts printers meant to reproduce accurate ink droplets to create stunning and amazing giclee prints for our customers.
The texture of the canvas prints gives it a realistic oil painting look when we apply Gloss water-based liquid laminate or Satin (which is semi-gloss). As an art printing company, we know that artist like their artwork printed on high quality materials. Many of the world’s most famous original paintings have been use to create giclee prints on canvas for shows, restorations, etc.  Our giclee prints are museum quality that will give your fine art photos or artwork the up most prestige that serious art collectors in the art world like to see.



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